Aluminium Camping Canopy

Love camping? Then our Pigibak aluminium camping canopy is the perfect solution

Do you love camping but find it too much to organise your tent and everything else you need? Then we have come up with the perfect solution to your problem. Our Pigibak Campa aluminium camping canopy has been designed so that a roof top camper can be mounted on the rear of your vehicle.... the perfect camping solution. With our unique piggy back camper frame being mounted on your ute, it makes it easier to set up, pack up and to access the camper. This makes the camper a lot more suitable for everyone, especially older, less agile people who still enjoy camping without needing to tow a trailer. The Pigibak Campa Frame allows for the camper to be set up at about a metre above the ground, rather than the usual 2 metres.

Easy to set up and use - Find your perfect camping spot and set up in minutes. The camper can be easily removed and stored.

Space saving - Great for people living in unit dwellings with limited storage.

Makes camping easy, comfortable and cost effective - Much cheaper than a camper trailer or caravan and very easy to store.

Saves on fuel - Mounting a camper on the rear of a vehicle vastly reduces wind resistance and saves on fuel.

BT Alloy Welding Pigiback Campa Frame

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