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Committed to quality service and production

BT Alloy Welding is a well known local business that produces a high standard of work with attention to detail at competitive prices. 

BT Alloy Welding has been fabricating aluminium products and stainless steel since 1996. We have since then, built up a very good reputation with our work as all our products are built with pride, attention to detail and with high quality materials. We have designed, fabricated, welded and delivered a broad range of aluminium and stainless steel products, from heavy duty trays, canopies, trailers right through to fitting out boats.

For more information on our extensive range of aluminium products, please call 0407 166 951 in Ayr today.


At BT Alloy Welding, we constantly research the latest developments in welding fabrication technology and production to bring you the best workmanship possible. We prioritise quality and efficiency which will deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

We also make a point to update and replace our work machinery on a regular basis, ensuring that we have the latest in cutting-edge technology and that our workers remain in a safe environment. 

Pigibak campa frame


Here at BT Alloy Welding, we know that our welding services & aluminium products are often a small step toward a far larger project and that if at any step there is a hitch or stalling, the entire project may suffer.

That's why we treat deadlines with the highest respect. When we say we will deliver, we deliver. For a business in Ayr that truly respects efficiency and business deadlines, contact us to arrange a quote today.

Call Brett at BT Alloy Welding in Ayr on 0407 166 951 now.